Restaurant "Il Portico"


In the center of the village of Stintino is the "Restaurant & Tapas Bar" Il Portico.
His view of the "Porto Mannu" cozy verandas, will welcome you to live "the path" that goes from Breakfast to Dinner.

From 8.00 Hot Brioches, even Vegan with Cakes and Desserts homemade, also Cafeteria with Soymilk, International Breakfast with Scrambled Eggs, salmon, omelet, Musslie with Fresh Fruit, Greek yoghurt and strawberries, porridge, pancakes with bacon and syrup d'Acero.

From 12.00 opens the restaurant. The starters with first courses have among key seafood ingredients, fish eggs, shellfish, tuna and swordfish of the highest quality '. The Lobster Catalan or in brine can 'become absolute Queen of the Table.
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Our idea is that the Pizza is fragrant light and built with top quality ingredients.
The Cellar has an original menu of proposals for white wines, red and rose wine with native vines of Sardinia, designed to be combined with the best to our land and sea dishes.

The beers, pils and weiss bottled or on tap, in addition to the wine list.
The selection of homemade cakes together with the late harvest wines are with us at the end of this path that briefly describes the proposals of the Portico.
Good drinks pre dinner, accompanied by tapas and fried cones and 'ritual for those who want to add value to a moment of relaxation during the aperitif.
From 18.30 the restaurant reopens for dinner with all the proposals listed above in Lunch.
To consolidate our idea of what should be the Portico we do not want to forget any detail putting the Center of Our Customers to try to be the authors of Their being.

Have a good trip
Ristorante Il Portico

Culurgiones, Sardi Gnocchi and Ricotta Ravioli please make part of the Sardinian tradition of the land, along with "Porcetto Sardo" baked oven.

The grill, with its aromas of roasted meat and fish from a taste and perfect cooking to fine meat and the fresh fish of the Gulf of.
The light and tasty fried, cooked with quality 'Peanut Oil respond to requests to find something well done and tasty.
If you love Japanese cuisine, Il Portico welcomes you with proposals ranging from Sushi and Sashimi Traditional cooking in Tempura and Panko.
Tuna and Salmon along with fresh fish are treated with care and HACCP Rule abatement and conservation.

The Pizzeria powered with olive wood produces all the classic pizza with flour 1 Wheat Germ. Are added to this mixture to the flour 10 Cereals and Integral

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The reservation is valid only if confirmed by the Management

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Il Portico Stintino


+39 079 520078


Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo, 113, 07040 Stintino SS